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A Cinematic and Historical Companion

A Steven Spielberg Film
Forewords by Steven Spielberg
and Kathleen Kennedy
Afterword by Tony Kushner
Text by David Rubel
Interviews by Laurent Bouzereau
Designed by H. Clark Wakabayashi
Hardcover; 9 x 11.25; 224 pages
Featuring both historical
and film-related imagery
Published by Disney Editions

In Lincoln: A Cinematic and Historical Companion, art, narrative, and first-person recollection combine to present a detailed portrait of both the making of the film and the actual historical events upon which the movie is based. First, the principal characters at the heart of the events are introduced, beginning with the man who combined a subtle skill navigating the shifting tides of political and popular opinion with a resolute force of will to help end slavery in the U.S. Next, an informative, detailed history

offers a comprehensive review of the issues and events leading up to and immediately following the passing of the pivotal Thirteenth Amendment. Finally, the making of the film and the dynamic convergence of history and art are explored through the words of the filmmakers and an examination of the various ways they brought their skills and crafts to bear on the authentic cinematic interpretation of a moment in history permanently engraved on the collective memory of an entire nation.