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Nourishing Stories and Recipes
from Notable Friends

Compiled by Jon Gilman
and Christopher Idone
Introduction by Ina Garten
Food Photography by Ben Fink
Designed by Gregory Wakabayashi
Hardcover; 8 x 10; 296 pages
More than 175 full-color photographs
Published by God’s Love We Deliver

In celebration of more than thirty years of service, God’s Love We Deliver presents a cookbook featuring the family recipes and personal anecdotes of 75 celebrities and notable friends of the organization. Born of the idea that the sharing or preparation of a meal is among the greatest acts of love, this heartfelt compilation reminds us that many of our most precious moments occur in the kitchen or around the dinner table.

Founded in 1985, God’s Love We Deliver provides life-sustaining meals and nutrition counseling to those living with severe illnesses. Relying on the time and support of thousands of unpaid volunteers, God’s Love cooks and delivers 1.5 million free meals to 6,000 people every year. With each delivery comes not only a nutritious meal, but also the offer of friendship, empathy, healing, and hope.