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Photographs and Interviews
by Carolyn Jones
Produced by Lisa Frank
Designed by Clark Wakabayashi
Hardcover; 12 x 12; 176 pages
Published by Fresenius Kabi

Featuring 75 portraits, biographies, and interviews, The American Nurse is the result of the collaboration between Fresenius Kabi, a worldwide leader in infusion therapy, and the team of Carolyn Jones, a photographer and award–winning filmmaker, and producer Lisa Frank. The challenge of creating a rich portrait of nursing in America began with a map of the U.S. and a red pen. In the end, Jones and Frank traveled coast to coast—from New York to San Diego—

in search of nurses and stories that revealed the myriad issues facing nurses throughout the country. From the general (nurses providing daily care and emotional support) to the specific (nurses evacuating patients in the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina), The American Nurse presents a compelling vision, as well as a portfolio of deeply sympathetic portraits, of the key individuals working on the front lines of American health care today.