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Twenty Years on Broadway
and Around the World

By Michael Lassell
Designed by Gregory Wakabayashi
and Clark Wakabayashi
Hardcover; 10 x 12; 224 pages
Published by Disney Editions

Commemorating twenty of The Lion King musical on Broadway, and as seen by more than ninety million people in nineteen countries on six continents, this book tells the story of The Lion King from its moment of inception in 1989, through the creation of one of the greatest animated films in history, to its phenomenal appearance on Broadway as envisioned by award–winning director Julie Taymor. Hailed as an aesthetic triumph from its opening night, The Lion King continues to garner accolades for its heartfelt story, African-inspired rhythmic

score, and stunning visuals that bridge the worlds of experimental theatrical art and popular spectacle. The Lion King: Twenty Years on Broadway and Around the World features images ranging from behind-the-scenes views to spectacular shots from the U.S. and international productions as well as never-before-published memories and stories told by the creative principals, including Elton John, and the performers who have played Simba, Mufasa, Rafiki, and all the other beloved characters who inhabit the miraculous world of The Lion King.